Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2010 Juno Nominations Announced

I spent most of the morning trying to log into the live stream of the Juno Nominations (Canada's version of the Grammy awards), mainly because we had submitted the Da Camera CD for nomination in the Classical Choral or Vocal Performance category, and John Estacio (our featured composer on the recording) submitted the CD in the Classical Composition category. The feed worked for the introductory speech, and the post-announcement goodbye, but flaked out for all the nomination announcements! (As the kids say - "FAIL")

Unfortunately, neither bid was successful. Actually, the five nominees in the Choral or Vocal Performance were all solo performers, meaning all choirs were shutout of the nominations. Realistically, I didn't expect we'd receive a nod from the nomination committee, but I was saddened that NO choirs were selected. I wonder if the category is a bit broad?

Well, I suppose for an award organization which specializes in pop/rock/rap/country awards, I guess one category is about all we can ask for! I mean, how can we possibly compete with the six nominations that Michael Bublé got?

Too bad our video wasn't released in time to be submitted in that category.

For the full list of nominees, you can check out the Juno Webpage.

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daharja said...

Hi - I think part of the problem is choirs just don't have the resources and funding that individual performers have. They get big backers and big money behind them, and we have - cake sales.

It's hard. But I've heard reports from around the world that choir attendance and membership is up, so at least we're a growing trend, not just a musical fad :-)