Sunday, February 21, 2010

Halfway there!

I've been in Toronto for the last week adjudicating the Kiwanis Music Festival, and have reached the halfway point with my one and only day off in the schedule. So far, I've ordered room service for breakfast, turned the computer on, and watched a few Olympic highlights. Before the end of of the day - I MIGHT actually leave my hotel room. Actually, a friend and I might visit the car show this afternoon, and find some big screen TVs to watch what is really a "Super Sunday" of Olympic hockey, and curling.

There is talk of a major snow storm hitting the Toronto area this week, which should make commuting to my venue a bit tricky, not to mention a schedule which will likely run late as a result of participants battling GTA traffic mixed with snowfall. Toronto has been without snow for much of this year - so even though the amount of snow is not usually worthy of concern - it is expected to be the worst storm of this season for the area.

Regular blogging to resume in early March.

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