Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dentist

I don't like the dentist.

It is understandable though, considering my dental history:

12 teeth extracted (four of them because of a childhood accident involving sliding down an icy hill on my stomach, while having my head sat on halfway down - the other eight due to having my Dad's large teeth, and my mom's small mouth).

Two rounds of braces - first round from Grade 4 until 9, second round from Grade 11 until first year university.

So when someone says I have a million dollar smile - I tell them that it is probably not too far from the tooth . . . er . . . truth.

Today, I had my annual check-up and cleaning. About a month ago I started feeling sensitivity in one of my molars, one which about eight years ago was drilled and filled with the caveat of "I'm not promising that this won't need a root canal some day". So with some reluctance, I told my dentist about my recent sensitivity. After x-rays, tapping and humming and hawing - the good news is - no root canal needed! I am however going to get it crowned - as a preventative procedure.

The bonus prize was that I have a cavity on the other side of my mouth.

Thursday's not going to be a fun morning for me.

* Photo credit - Good Rockin' Tonight


Jessica said...

oh no!! I'm going to the dentist Thursday!! And I have sensitivity in one of my molars!! this is not good.

I'm Still Me said...

I've got you beat with 15 ... have you ever taken a couple Extra-Strength Tylenol before going into the dentist? That used to always prevent my wire changes from being painful the first day.

Crimson Rambler said...
--a blog you might enjoy if you haven't already seen it...