Thursday, July 31, 2008


Sorry for the non-music related posts as of late, but unless you are interested in hearing about the dozen weddings I've done, or am going to do, there really isn't much to write about. So I bring you a few posts of "life in the off-season of a freelance musician"

This past week, my wife suggested that every night we should do something "productive" in the house. On Tuesday, we cleaned the main floor of the house, yesterday we put up some paintings on the wall that we took down to make room for an upright piano which we are babysitting, and today, we took on the biggest job on the list. The Garage! We emptied it out, swept it clean, cleaned out the mouse droppings (that's another story), and then reorganized it in such a way that everything is accessible. It is a very small garage, in fact, it's technically a 1920's carriage house, so we can't park a car in there even if we wanted, but at least all our outdoor tools, lawnmower and wheelbarrow are now organized amidst the winter sport equipment, bicycle, and camping equipment.

My wife and I work very well together on projects like this. We've hung ceiling fans, put shelves up, painted, renovated a kitchen, built IKEA furniture and moved our various apartments into one house without any fuss or arguing.

Decorating the Christmas tree however ...

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