Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wedding Thriller Pt II

So far, this is how the day has gone:

Waited 20 minutes in line to sign my ACTRA contract

Waited 20 minutes in line for Wardrobe

Waited 10 minutes in line for Make-up, only because the determined me as a "priority" and rushed me to the front of the line and drove me back off to the church, where the show is being shot.

Waited about an hour for the first shot, My call was "BACKGROUND" and I had to walk across the front of the church, over to the organ, and pretend to play, all the while the altar boys lit the many candles in the church. The candle lighting prop wasn't very good, so I offered the use of the church's but that was turned down because apparently their candle lighting prop is to the MURDER WEAPON in another scene!!

Now it's break time, apparently my close up is coming up soon!

See you at the next break!

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