Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wedding Thriller Pt I

It's the morning of the "big shoot". I'm due in make-up, which is about a block or two away, in about a half an hour. In the interest of "confidentiality" I cannot reveal what the nature of the shoot is, except to say that it will appear on a major US network this Summer, and it is of the Horror genre.

Our little parish church has been completely transformed in the last two days from a quiet lower-town Anglican Parish into a high Catholic pro-Cathedral (Affectionately knows now as "Our Lady of Perpetual Confusion"). A great majority of the pews have been removed, and replaced by a confessional stall, a lower altar has been placed at the front of the nave, and on our high altar there is a bigger than life size crucifix, a few statues of the BVM, and candles, everywhere. There is even a memorial tomb in the south west of the church, and stations of the cross on every empty pillar. If you didn't know it was Anglican Church before, there is no way to determine that it is now.

Part of my "job" this last day was to find wardrobes for our young acolytes, who are parishioners, but not servers in the church. I located some suitable cassocks and surplices from our stock here that will hopefully fit them. I intend to wear my usual garb, including my academic hood, which might be a bit Anglican for them, but we'll see.

See you post-Make-up.


Anonymous said...

"Oh Itzhak, it's so-o-o-o-o-o exciting!"

Stealthy Dachshund said...

oh please tell me they let you wear your academic hood!