Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Closing the Flu

This morning I finally got around to getting my flu shot. I haven't had one in a number of years. It seems that by the time I get around to thinking about getting my flu shot, I am too sick to take it, and it's too late in the season to worry about it. I actually felt sickness setting in on Monday, after my busy weekend, but I think I've managed to stay it off for the time being. Large doses of Cold FX and rest for the next few days should help.

Speaking of concert weekend - it was a very successful weekend all around. My chamber choir concert on Saturday night went exceedingly well, and was well received. A 75% standing ovation at the end of the show, which our faithful followers don't give very readily, so I was quite pleased. More importantly though, the choir peaked in all respects. The music making was some of the highest we have achieved - adding the level by which I was pleased.

The professional choir's show on Sunday was also a resounding success. As predicted early this week, it was exactly as what people expected. All were entertained in every sense of the word, which was the goal of the whole production.

This week brings in my inbox two job applications - one local - one out east. I'm not certain that either of them will go so far as shortlisting me, but I have to get into the routine of applying for everything that comes across my plate, so I will apply for all and everything that is available. I have to say, it does feel nice to see "Doctorate required" and be able to say "That's me!"

Parents are arriving on Saturday afternoon for a week - where I have a concert, and convocation on Wednesday. There is much joy to look forward to in the days ahead ...

Keep working Cold FX!!

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