Monday, November 12, 2007

10 Random Things

As requested by way of tagging by I am Chorus, here are my ten random things:

1. I love my wife's cooking and baking

2. If I had to take only one composer to a desert island - it would be Bach ... and Vaughan Williams ... ok, that's two.

3. I'm addicted to Facebook

4. I could watch episodes of "The Office" from any season, all day, any day.

5. I like to participate in home renovations. I think I'm good with a drill and a hammer.

6. If there are chocolate chip cookies and milk in our house - they don't last long.

7. At some point, every day, I say "Stupid cats"

8. I have over 10 remote controls in the house. My wife doesn't understand that this makes me a better person.

9. I'm learning that a consistently clean kitchen is a good thing. My wife thinks THIS makes me a better person.

10. My wife makes me a better person.

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