Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Keeping the schedule

One thing I have learned over the past six months of fatherhood is that schedules are important. Before we had Annie, I was sure that parents who suggested that their baby had the same nap times, feedings times and bed times were being way too detailed in their schedule. Now I realize how important it is - sorry for you doubting you - even though you don't know who you are.

Speaking of schedules, it's been a bit of a shock to get back into my own routine this September, perhaps part of the reason is the schedule isn't completely locked in yet is that I've had three weekend choir retreats in a row, for three different choirs Even though most of my daily activities are planned by course calendars and regular rehearsals, it's still been challenging to plan the "grey" time in the calendar to make sure I'm ready for the next scheduled activity.

I haphazardly put in my google calendar my intention to go to the gym three times a week - that hasn't happened yet. Not to make excuses, even though I'm rather good at doing that when it comes to the gym, but I'm just in the middle of the "first-week-of classes-let's-share-all-our-germs" flu. I think the rough part is over, but there are still some lung issues to clear out before I can participate in anything cardio-like.

The one night a week I'm hoping to keep as an unscheduled night, or free from work anyway, is Tuesday. It is currently the only night a week where I am actually home, with the family. Traditionally, we have made this a Movie night, but lately it's become the night where we catch up on things we have let our PVR record. Tonight, I'm taking a few minutes to add to the blog - maybe this will also be a blog night?

The other thing I'm trying to be more conscious about is at what time of night does my work stop - how late is too late to answer an email or respond to a text? What expectations am I setting for myself, and others when I respond to emails in the middle of the night (or on Tuesday nights when I am supposed to be spending time with loved ones in the house!)

I'd be curious to know from your freelance types how you manage your schedule, how you balance regular events with irregular events and work with family. Do you have a night a week where you intentionally don't book anything just to be home? Do you have a no-text or email cut-off time at night?

Speaking of which, it's Tuesday night, and Annie is in bed. Time to close the computer and spend the next hour trying to agree on a movie.

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