Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow business like Show business

The only thing that might dampen, or, snow blanket, this weekend's concert, will be the weather.  After last weekend's dump of 35 centimeters (14 inches) of snow, and an expected 15-20 centimeters over the next few days, it will be a challenge to get everyone out to the concert on Sunday.  I have to say though, I am awfully impressed that during last weeks snow storm, I was able to hold rehearsals all weekend, without anyone missing.

I does amaze me though, that living where we do, where heavy snow is not an uncommon event, and blankets our city from November to March, is that people just do not know how to drive in it!  Your SPEED is the reason you are ending up in the ditch folks - slow down!

For some photographic evidence of the snow last weekend, here are a few shots of our driveway post-snow shoveling.  The snowbanks on either side of our driveway are now at eye level, and after we get around to shoveling this next batch that is falling now, will likely reach head level.  And it's only January - a good three full months left of this to go.

To top it off this weekend - the temperature outside, with windchill, is approaching -40 (easy conversion here, -40 Celsius is -40 Fahrenheit).

Happy Winter to you all!

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