Sunday, September 5, 2010


Only one full day left before all "H-E-double-hockey-sticks" lets lose. (It's a Canadian expression - but you should be able to figure it out no matter where you're from - but just in case - hockey sticks, when upside down, look like the letter "L" - we also use it in Golf for when you score a seven - but of course, the hockey stick is upside up in that instance. It's "one less than a snowman").

Schedule for the work week for the most part looks like this
Mondays - Da Camera
Tuesdays - two lectures and movie night with the wife (see her post here)
Wednesdays - Church staff meeting and church work day, and University choirs in the afternoon, and hopefully curling league at night.
Thursdays - two lectures and church choir
Fridays - University choirs and "extra" work (i.e. Pro Coro and Scona Chamber Choirs)
Saturdays - various rehearsals
Sundays - Church in the morning, and various rehearsals and concerts throughout the year.
Somewhere in there - I'll blog, and I DO VOW TO BLOG MORE!

On that note, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that my blog post on ChoralBlog about the Apple iPad (published on the day the iPad was released) was referred to in a CBC radio national news broadcast this past weekend. I'm amazed at how the art of news reporting has moved into using the blogesphere - and happy to be a part of it!

All the more reason to get back into the blogging habit

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