Friday, August 27, 2010

what I've been up to

For the last two days, I was turning this corner of our lot:

into this:

It amazes me that a project that I predicted would take about 1/2 a day took 2 full days. We now have a great perennial garden though - updated photos to come next spring! Oh, and the answer to "how many conductors does it take to build a garden" is: TWO.

A few weeks before this I was working at a summer choir camp, conducting a youth choir of 40 singers. It was a fantastic experience - a good blogable story there, and I will share soon!

Hope you are enjoying the last few days of preparation before the fun of the school and rehearsal season begins!

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Catherine Lee, Canada said...

I envy you because you still find the time and have the space in your yard for a gardening project. When my last attempt to garden failed, I stopped because it's just unfair for the plants that keep dieing due to lack of care. :(