Friday, June 4, 2010

Scottish Ingenuety

Just like the Scouts, the Scots are always prepared:

(Courtesy of "There I Fixed it")

Speaking of Scouts - Da Camera is going to be singing O Canada and one other short work for the opening of the Annual Alberta Scouting Conference here in Edmonton. Something we've done in the past, and it comes with a GREAT Breakfast! It got my wife and I thinking that maybe we should have badges sewed on our outfits and tuxes, representing things that we do and deserve recognition for. You know, things like:

"Sight Reading badge"
"Memorization badge"
"Watching the Conductor badge"
"Handing all music in at the end of a concert badge"
"Turning pages for the accompanist badge"
"Helping elderly people find a seat cushion badge"

Feel free to add to the list, and draw up some artwork for the badges!

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