Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pardon the interuption

Unrelated to choral music - but hey, it's my blog, I'll blog about what I want!

I mentioned in my last blog post that my summer holiday goal is to break 80 (we're talking golf scores here folks). Well, Yesterday, even though I shot 87, it was in some ways the closest I've been in a while. I've been as low as 82 in years past, but yesterday was the first time that my goal seemed viable.

Breaking 80 means shooting +7 or less on eighteen holes. Yesterday, I was +5 on the last thirteen holes (Yes, that means I was +10 on the first five). I had eleven pars (including seven in a row), and three bogies. I missed at least five legitimate birdie tries, and then had one double, and three "blow up holes" consisting of two triples and a quad. So - sink a few birdies and eliminate the blow ups, and I should be in the 70s right? Heck, just get rid of the three bad holes and I shoot 77!

In principle, that should work right?

Ok - back to choral music.

Update - to follow my golfing activities, you are welcome to hang out at my golf blog.

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