Saturday, June 6, 2009

Examining trip one complete

I've just reached the conclusion of my examining trip to Ottawa.

I've heard approximately fifty pianists and singers of all levels and ages.

Two casual observations about my week:

  • Examining with my laptop in front of me has proven to completely solve any issues of tendinitis from writting out examination reports by hand. The other plus side to this is students will get a legible account of their exam, and I was able to stay on time, or even ahead of schedule for the most part.
  • Why is it that students who tend not to do so well on their pieces, tend to excel at their ear training sight-reading? Is it because they sight-read well enough to think they don't have to practice? That's my guess anyway.
I fly back to Edmonton tonight, with a great amount of excitement. Tomorrow we have the much anticipated royal visit to our church. The Countess Of Wessex, The Princess Edward Sophie, will be on hand to inspect the South Alberta Light Horse, and then worship Morning Prayer at our parish. We have a full lineup of canticles, psalms and I will be precenting the responses. Should be a fun morning!

Then on Monday we do the final inspection on our NEW HOUSE and sign off on all our conditions. Very exciting indeed. After a week at home, I fly to Vancouver for another week of examining. Then once I am home, we have about two weeks to pack up for our move. I get the feeling that the summer is going to go by pretty quickly.

Today I was supposed to play golf on my last day in Ottawa with a good friend. Unfortunately on the way over to my parent's place to pick me up, he was t-boned at an intersection by a driver going the wrong way on a one way street. Luckily, he is OK. Sore, but OK.

Now I am at home finishing up some marking of history exams for the same conservatory that I was examining for - then on to the airport for my flight.

See you on the other side!

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Leonard Ratzlaff said...

Congrats on all counts, John! The house looks beautiful, quite a step up from your previous humble abode! Now to some friendly competition on the course!