Saturday, May 30, 2009

End of Concert Season

That would be a reasonable facsimile of what my piled up tuxedo and fixings might look like after last nights performance. Which was a great success! Choir stayed in tune (which with the level of the heat in the un-airconditioned church, was just short of a miracle), Band was on top of things - and I didn't miss one metre change, of which there were many to miss!

Crowd seemed to enjoy it with a rousing standing O too!

AND - the buyers of our house have just signed off on ALL conditions! So, the house is SOLD! Today, we are going on a marathon of house viewings, our agent has 11 homes to show us - so hopefully one of them will be "the one!"

Off to Ottawa tomorrow night - should be able to blog once in a while while I'm on the road. Perhaps a good examining story or two will come up. the Viva Voce exams always come up with a few good answers. Like this one from last February:

Examiner: "Tell me something about Bach"
Student (while counting points on his fingers): "Well, he was a a guy (one) and he lived way back when (two) and he liked the piano a lot (three!)".

Hope your concerts are winding up, and you can begin to enjoy the Spring and Summer (which for us Edmontonians, is very short, and requires a sense of humour).

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