Monday, January 5, 2009

"Breaking in" the new students

Day one of the new semester is now in the books.

Highlights of the day:
  1. 150 students showed up for my Music Appreciation class, which has an enrollment cap of 120. There might be some disappointed course shoppers who won't be able to get into the class. I am however making allowances for an auditor, who also writes in the culture section of our city's major newspaper.  I actually fully expect that many people will drop the class in the first week as they figure out what courses they want to take.  Most people overload their courses for that very reason.
  2. My conducting class has 15 students - which is very manageable, both for the podium time as well as for the class "choir".  Balance?  7 sopranos, 7 altos, 1 bass.  Not ideal, however since I did direct a women's choir for four years, I should be able to find enough music for us to work on.  My only male in the choir might not get a lot of singing in, but he'll have a great choir to work with.
  3. Da Camera started working tonight on our next concert and CD project.  It was a good rehearsal, even with so many absent with this years New Years cold and flu.  It's an all Canadian CD, with the main topic of DEATH.  Great music, although might be tricky to market.
  4. Someone broke into my Grand Am for the 2nd time in the last two months.  This time they managed to break in BOTH door locks, and take nothing (as I learned from last time not to leave anything in the car).
Anyone want to buy a 2002 Grand Am with low mileage ... and pushed in door locks? Highest bidder wins!

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Stealthy Dachshund said...

Oooh, lucky bass! "Every song's a solo!"