Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Unto the hills"

I think among the psalm texts - psalm 121 has always been one of my fav's. It could be because of the simple yet powerful Walford Davies chant that normally goes with it - but also because of the proximity for where we live, as we are only a couple of hours drive before we see the great Canadian Rocky Mountains. There is also a paraphrase of the psalm in the Hymnal to the tune "Sandon" which is also among my top 10. Funny thing is - the text has always been a favourite of mine, even before I ever knew I'd be living so close to mountains.

Last Sunday, we did both the Walford Davies psalm, and the hymn. And TODAY - my wife and I have packed the car, and are heading for Jasper for a much deserved four day stay at the Lodge. There might be some score studying, although, mostly there will be walking, eating, wine drinking and soaking in the view of the lofty mountain peaks. There really is no other way to rejuvenate one's spirits than being in the mountains.

Especially when the forecast for the next few days will actually be around zero (32F) the whole time!

See you on Monday!


Jessica said...

I love psalm 121!

Anonymous said...

look at it all once for me too! and enjoy!