Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A new beginning

In approximately one month, I will be walking across the convocation stage of my university, accepting my Doctor of Music degree. Although I am completely ecstatic that nearly 10 years of graduate education have finally come to a close - it is an odd thing to think that most of my 36 years of living have been classified as a "student". The advantages of being a student are many - discounts at most concerts, attractions and events. Cheap(er) travel through ISIC card status, and the benefit of having a university who has supported my studies through teaching, scholarship and other monetary making opportunities.

Now, I'm out on my own, a very small fish in an extremely big pond. Although I continue to receive teaching opportunities from the uni, it is unlikely that this will be something that will continue for ever. The idea of putting together applications for the few tenure track jobs that are available, in a highly competitive market is very daunting indeed.

So, in the mean time, I've decided to blog my adventures as a freelance conductor, teacher and accompanist. Currently I hold three part time conducting jobs, one at a church, one with a chamber choir, and one with a symphonic choir. All of which, I love dearly.

I'm not quite sure what form this blog is going to take perhaps it will include some of the following:
  • trials and tribulations of concert preparation
  • adventures in applying for a full-time job
  • incidences from concerts, both funny and scary
  • frustrations and revelations from life in front of the choir
My hope is to share these with those who take interest, and to join the electronic world of the world wide choral community, in intellectual - and sometimes less than intellectual discussion of choral, and conducting related topics.

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welcome to the blog-o-sphere!