Saturday, October 20, 2007

How many conductors does it take to .... ?

As a young child, most of my life revolved around Music. I was lucky enough to have a father who was a concert pianist, and a supportive Mother who, although doesn't have the music background, could probably tell you enough about all styles and genres of music, the dates of all the composers, and the different legitimate spellings of Tchaikovsky (Chaikovsky?), and the difference between a Tam-Tam and a Tom-Tom (She was, and still is, the executive secretary of one of Canada's largest Music Festivals).

However, where I'm going with this is ... she also taught me how to fix just about anything, how to operate an underground pool, how to install and patch drywall, and even (in the days before Mr. Lube) how to change the oil and filter in a car. My father played the piano, if you asked him for a screwdriver ... he'd mix vodka and orange juice, topped with grenadine.

Right now I'm in the middle of a major kitchen renovation, after tearing out the old kitchen, with the help of my darling wife, we installed a 6x4 foot patch of drywall, and are now in the middle of painting before the cabinets come in on Monday.

So the answer to the question ... How many conductors does it take to renovate a kitchen? Just one - but not without the skills learned from Mom, and the help of his wife.


I am Chorus said...

I think that painting a kitchen should be part of the marriage preparation curriculum...

Crimson Rambler said...

and for the advanced curriculum, HANGING WALLPAPER, bwa hahahahahaha