Saturday, October 15, 2011

Great Expectations

You might read one of two things in the fact that I haven't had a post on this blog since August 30th. Either I've been neglectful blogger, or I've just been flat out too busy.

Well, truthfully, it's a bit of both. I really should blog more, and I can make time for it, but I've also been very busy. I'm back singing with Pro Coro full time. We are going through an artistic director search this year, and the first three concerts of that season are the finalists concerts. We've done one already, and are well into the rehearsal process for the next one. A very interesting experience. I'm very much enjoying what each conductor has to bring, and I'm learning a lot as a chorister and conductor from each of them, so far. Pro Coro's new artistic director will be the first of the great expectations this year.

The fourth concert of the Pro Coro season is the Christmas concert, and I'm happy to say that I've been offered the podium for that one. I'm very much looking forward to joining Da Camera an Pro Coro forces for that one. I still have to finalize the program, something I better do this week.

Da Camera's season is also a busy one - it is our 50th anniversary year, and we are involved in many a collaborative concert. November with Tonus Vivus (Edmonton's Composer's Society), then in early December with Alberta Baroque, and the aforementioned concert with Pro Coro later that month. In late February we sing with the Edmonton Symphony, then a week later our alumni weekend concert feature Carmina Burana. In May we take on Rachmaninoff's All Night Vigil with Spiritus Chamber Choir from Calgary - a great season ahead - the second of the great expectations!

I'm also continuing to build the early music group, Scona Chamber Singers. We presented a concert last week of madrigals of Monteverdi and Gesualdo, all sung one to a part. Considering it was Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada - it was a reasonably well attended concert, and I thought we sounded great! There is one video up from this concert on YouTube now - and there will be more to come yet - click here to see the duet "O Come Sei Gentile" of Monteverdi from that concert. In January we'll present a concert of the sacred music of Palestrina, and then in April a concert of the music of Thomas Tallis, with a larger ensemble for both those concerts. The third of the great expectations of the year ahead.

But, without argument, the GREATEST expectation of the year will come in mid-April, when my wife and I will welcome into the world, our first child!

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