Saturday, February 26, 2011

Recent Activity

There is much to blog about, but to avoid a TL;DR from my faithful blog readers, I thought I would just post a few highlights from my recent activity.

Earlier in January, I conducted a concert with my early music ensemble, The Scona Chamber Singers, in a program of all J.S. Bach (as highlighted on an earlier post). My cellist, who is also a baroque enthusiast, put together a group of string players who played on all gut strung instruments, a few of them for the first time in public. It wasn't without challenge (especially having to mix 415 instruments with 440 oboes, and organ) but it went very well indeed!

Here are a few YouTube videos from the concert, as filmed by my cellist's husband.

Kyrie, from Missa Brevis in F Major (BWV 223)

Motet: Fürchte Dich Nicht (BWV 228)

Motet: Singet Dem Hernn (BWV 225)

Tomorrow, I'm conducting Da Camera Singers in a concert which will feature Fauré's Requiem in D, The same person who videoed the above is going to test out a live webcast for this concert, which should be fun. So, if you aren't doing anything Sunday February 27th around 5 PM Eastern, feel free to sneak a peek here!

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