Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lecture for Open House at Concordia

Today I presented a short lecture at Concordia University College's open house for graduating high school students. For those who weren't there (most of you) I was asked to present a "sample lecture" for music history.

I started by quoting this excellent post by Brad Foust, and then did a short lecture on early music, followed by a very brief look at the history of musical instruments through the eras.

Below are the videos I used with my presentation. I put them on this blog for two reasons. As a stationary location for the students to find the videos after the lecture, and as a place for me to find them "all in one place" while I'm giving the lecture!

Early Music Instrument Examples:

Sackbut (Ancestor to the modern trombone)

Chrumhorn (very unusual sounding reed instrument)

Cornetto (Ancestor to the Trumpet)


Portative Organ (Renaissance)

Orchestras through the ages

Renaissance dance instrumental

Baroque Concerto Grosso

Mozart Symphony

Finale of Mahler's 8th Symphony (Symphony of a thousand) go to about 3:50 to see the full effect!



Steven Reich - electric counterpoint (Minimalism)

John Cage (4'33")

Hope you enjoyed the lecture!

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John Brough said...

Well - here's a funny follow-up to this lecture I prepared. I showed up to the venue (not feeling very well, as I was quickly coming down with a cold/flu), set up the room, warmed up the projector and got the powerpoint going, and waited for the masses of students to arrive.

No one came.

Oh well, at least I have a prepared lecture on "why we take music History" - if anyone wants it - let me know.