Friday, July 3, 2009

Today's Schedule

Here's what happened today:

6:30 - Wake Up
7:30 - Tee time with my wife and a fellow choral conductor and his father-in-law.
7:30 - 11:30 Golf. Highlight's included:
  • Watching my wife out drive all of us on three occasions.
  • I shot an 84, one of the best rounds of the year for me
1:45 - took possession of the NEW HOUSE!

All in all, a fantastic day! Looking forward to tomorrow when we go back to the house (which is a one hour round trip), continue cleaning, thinking about where we are going to put our furniture, which cabinets will hold which dishes, and which walls will get repainted.

Official move-in day is July 11th. Lots of packing to do!

Happy July 4th to all my southern friends!

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