Saturday, May 9, 2009

A quietness in the Blogesphere ...

Sorry my posts have been so very sparse as of late - It is not for lack of material either.

I just finished a two night stint conducting the offstage chorus for an ESO production of Holst's "The Planets" Approximately 30 bars of music at the end of Neptune, where I actually control the entire orchestra, albeit a good 80 feet away from the stage, and no one sees me do it, except for the choir. A fun experience all around - worth a longer blog post - perhaps tomorrow.

I'm also preparing to conduct two concerts in the next few weeks, a royal visit at my church in early June - two cross-Canada examination trips, and have already started the beginning of golf season (I played 18 holes in the cold in about two and a half hours last Wednesday morning, and haven't been able to even walk properly since. I did break 90 though!)

The reason I've been so quiet as of late though is because we've been getting ready to sell this. It's a great little house - and we will miss it terribly - but no room in it for my grand piano! We had four showings this weekend - so our hopes are running a bit high right now - however, I'm certain it's going to be a long process.

More blog posts here and on ChoralBlog this week - I promise! Mainly because my back is just too darn sore to play golf for a few days yet - and the weather for this week looks ... well ... shitty ... for golf anyway. I do think it's perfect for people to come and look at our house though!

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