Friday, April 24, 2009

ChoralBlog has moved!

As many of my readers are also Choral Blog readers - you might have noticed in your feed readers that there has been a lull in posts from the old ChoralBlog site, and in fact, if you go to the blog itself, you'll find the link may be broken.

That is because it has MOVED

Update your readers!

While you are there, you might like to check out the the Choralnet 2.0 Webpage and services. Things like the old Choralist, Choraltalk and other email listserves are now set up as online forums Everything you need in one place (although, you can still receive email updates).

Register today ... it's free!

For some great video help with the new choralnet, Philip Copeland has created a video which you may find helpful. It is found on his UAB Choirs blog.

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