Sunday, March 8, 2009

ACDA - Oklahoma Final Day

The effects of the end of the conference has caused time to skip forward, and the earth to shake. Well, Ok the time skipping forward was due to Daylight savings time, and at about 8:06 CDT this morning a small earthquake shook the east side of Oklahoma City, jolting a few of us out of our sleep. Perhaps neither of these two events had anything to do with the closing of the ACDA conference, but they did seem to put an exclamation point on what was an excellent conference.

I'll have to admit that on the last day I didn't take in as much as I did the first three days, mainly do to fatigue and "conference burn out", but the events I did take in continued to amaze and inspire.

I am looking forward to going home now (aside from the predicted cold weather and near 2 feet of snow we've had over the last week), as I have a fair bit of work to do in the coming week in preparation for Da Camera's concert and recording session this weekend, I'm also WAY behind in marking (oh - that's what our southern neighbours call "grading" by the way - I had no idea there was difference!)

Hats off to ACDA and the City of Oklahoma for this event. All the concerts where top drawer material, sessions informative, and venues excellent. The shuttle service was incredible, exhibit hall was fantastic, and scheduling excellent. I also had the chance to connect with old friends, and meet new people along the way. It was great to be able to travel with my former supervisor, as I was introduced to many people in the world-wide choral community to whom I'll likely keep in close contact with.

Farewell Oklahoma - Looking forward to Chicago 2011!

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Liz @ McFargan: A Midwestern Matrimony said...

Shows how engrossed I was in the choral music.... I didn't even notice the earthquake while I was there! :) Great blog!