Friday, January 23, 2009

beware of luting

In today's Music 101 lecture, I was giving a very short description of early music continuo instruments - particularly the lute and archlute (aka. theorbo).

There are a couple of good pictures in our textbook - the one of the lute is shown below:

A few things strike me funny with the above photo - mainly the look on this poor girl's, or maybe young boy's face (you never can tell from these early paintings).  I just think it is the epitome of the "practicing sucks" look.  That and the fact there is a violin there, which makes me think "After I've done my three hours of lute, I have to do two and a half on this blasted violin!"

Below is a picture of the Archlute that is in our textbook as well.

The joke I attempted this morning?  "The Archlute is kind of like a lute, on viagra".  It was received with a moderate amount of laughter.

Sometimes, I should really think before I speak, before I am fired.


Anonymous said...

the point is to say things they will remember, and they'll remember that, all right.

Anonymous said...

Who will remember and what???
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