Sunday, November 9, 2008

One down ... four to go

First concert of the year with Da Camera is now in the bag - and I'm happy to say, a resounding (that's re-zound-ing, not re-sound-ing ... sorry inside joke) success.  The concert was a real mixed bag of rep, from Clemens Non-Pappa to Knut Nystedt, and through a literature of gospel spirituals.  I post up some of our sound bites when I get the archive recording back.

We had a few guests on the program, involving a local youth choir of 60 voices, and three different conductors - Me, the conductor of the youth choir, and my assistant.  So, there was a fair amount of choralography with regards to getting all 90 some singers on and off at various moments, and into their various mixed formations.  My wife, who is also the Business Manager for Da Camera was in charge of the logistics of this, and it worked, better than can ever be expected!  (She keeps lists ... I don't)

Now on to the next four concerts - including two runs at Orfeo next weekend (please God, let me suddenly be fluent in Italian and develop a knack for memorization in the next two hours), and then of course the much anticipated Solomon (while you are at it God, can you please cure my Queen of Sheba of her laryngitis?) then the first Christmas concert of the year, yes, in November, with one of our local military bands (God, why did you ever allow someone to write the carol "Do you hear what I hear"?).  Add on to this the fun of Advent carol services and a couple of mid-December runs of Messiah, and you have yourself a pretty full November and December!

I wish you all the best of luck in the upcoming busy season!

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