Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Handeling" the Christmas Season

At the beginning of November, I was looking at my calendar thinking "how is this going to be possible", and now I'm looking back at the calendar thinking "How did I do it?"  One DCS Concert, a week of Orfeo, and then a week of Solomon with no break in between.  It was a total rush, and worth every minute of it, but I seem to have completely crashed in the last two days.  I have very low energy and am favouring the couch over the pile of work that has amassed in its wake, which include a pile of marking, setting final exams and planning Advent and Christmas at the church.

There is one thing though that I am most happy about, aside from a benefit concert next Sunday, and the annual run of Messiah in mid-December, I really have nothing extra on my plate to worry about.  The benefit concert might have a few surprises, but they should be all cleared up after our en-mass rehearsal this evening, and the music is NOT hard.  I might be enlisted into playing the organ for a few things with the brass band, but that doesn't stress me out too much.

The other thing I have to look forward to is that I only have one week left of teaching this semester - which is hard to believe, but exciting at the same time.  At U of A, I am one lecture ahead, at Concordia, a lecture behind - luckily neither course has an alternate section or a shared exam, so if I don't finish everything I need to finish in one, I can alter the exam accordingly.  I do owe Concordia two more quizzes in the next three classes.  Aren't they lucky?

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