Sunday, November 30, 2008

Advent I

For Advent I - I bring you J.S. Bach's choral prelude "Nun Komm der Heiden Heiland" BWV 659 (Come Redeemer of our Race).   I played it this morning as our communion Voluntary, and it remains my favourite Advent Choral Prelude of Bach.

Played here by Ton Koopman, on the 1714 Silbermann organ, Dom St. Marien, at Saxony, Germany.


John Brough said...

Just listened to it again. I kind of wish Tom would take it just a bit quicker - closer to a walking pace, and not a dragging pace. My first organ teacher would say that Bach lived in the clerestory of our Cathedral, and if you could see his head nodding in time, then you were in the right tempo.

Also the mutation needs a stronger foundation stop added to it, then again, it might just be the poor quality of Youtube.

Tenon_Saw said...

Thanks for that, yes a tad faster would be good.