Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Looking ahead

On October 17th, Podium Speak will be celebrating it's first Birthday, and I've taken a moment or two in the past day to reflect on what the purpose of my blog is, and what I hope to achieve with it.

Still now in its infancy, and trying to find a voice amidst the other great blogs that I read everyday, I find that I struggle from time to time to think of a creative, individual, and thoughtful post.  Once in a while, an article will pop up that will make for an easy post, but to find a topic outside of a borrowed subject can be difficult.  My topics have ranged from the mundane to the serious, from the pedagogical to the theoretical, and occasionally (and most recently) the political.

The coming months are pretty full up with concerts and rehearsals, and will likely not leave me with a lot of energy to think up creative posts, so what I hope to do is write a bit about the various projects I am involved with, which include my first ever staged opera, and conducting a Handel oratorio (which is NOT Messiah).  You can read more about these projects here.

You'll have to excuse me if the posts become rambling sessions, but the hope is that there will a topic or two, whether it be about performance practice, rehearsing and conducting pedagogy, or just plain straight forward observations.  I'll probably also work on program notes and translations through this venue.

I tend to go about my daily schedule without much thought about what's coming up next, so having a few things down in writing might assist me with the planning - and certainly be an interesting look back for me in a few months.

I'll still post interesting articles and silly stories (and likely my strong opinions on the current and future political landscape) from time time.

I hope you enjoy the journey!

In other news - a recent cold front has brought the season of Fall upon the northern Alberta capital, so the golf clubs are being removed from the trunk, and being replaced by the curling broom.  The first draw is tonight (the only night a week where I normally do not have a rehearsal) - I anticipate soreness in the upper body tomorrow morning.

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singingman said...

Hi John

Congrats on reaching you first birthday! My own blog is coming up to it's second birthday now, and, like you, it's time to reflect on exactly why I'm writing the thing in the first place!

I tend to try and pick specific subjects within choirs and singing that might interest people rather than reflect too much on personal experiences. Although, of course, I do include the occasional anecdote. I tend to plan out the next few post subjects as, like you, I get very busy!

I don't think I've found my 'voice' yet and feel that I come across a little more serious than I am in real life! But I guess it's just time.

I force myself to post regularly once a week, otherwise I think it would simply never get done! However, it can be dispiriting when I don't get comments and feel that I'm just sending stuff out into a void.

Keep up the good work.


From the front of the choir