Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hitting the ground with at least one foot running

It's September 2nd, and so far, all is quiet. In fact as soon as the new CBC 2 Morning show started playing what they are referring to as "music" ... the bedroom got really quiet again. After 30+ years of never once hitting a snooze button, I've been converted... in fact, the snooze button is closely followed by the OFF button - a really really sad day for our national broadcasting service.

The quietness is going to change in a few hours though as the inevitable "back to reality" mode hits. On the list of things to do today is to finish up two course outlines and stand in front of a photocopier for a few hours while they all print. Apparently I have a TA for the course I'm teaching at U of A, and I was hoping I could use that person to do the copier work for me - but I haven't received confirmation of who this is - and class begins tomorrow at 9:00 AM.

Last week, almost certain disaster happened. We are one week away from the beginning of choir rehearsals, and we found out one week ago that the Oratorio "Solomon", which is the work I'll be conducting in late November with Richard Eaton Singers (Edmonton's symphonic choir) is completely OUT OF PRINT and won't be ready until mid-October. However, our incredible librarian and general manager found scores in Toronto, and low and behold, one-hundred-and-thirty copies of the piano vocal score should be somewhere en route, likely in a plane passing over western Ontario as we speak, and should be in the hands of our librarian tomorrow. Amazing really.

Other things on the to do list this week -- finish a job application, which will include putting together CDs and DVDs, prepare material for my church's concert series, including budget and PR related work, prep classes, including online material and powerpoint presentations, and prep rehearsals for next week!

The cats however are still sleeping unaware of the apparent cosmic shift in the world today.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't listen to much of Tom Allen this morning, but I've tuned in to Julie Nezrallah (sp) to see how she does...


The grocery store and the CBC in one week is almost more than I can take.