Thursday, September 11, 2008

A big change in my life ...

Well I did it.  

After years of constant frustration... wasting countless hours waiting for things to work as they should, but to no avail... thinking I've solved all the problems only to find out hours later that the problems still existed... going over to friends houses and lusting for something they have, and I don't, yet ever defending the fact that I could do anything on mine that they could do on theirs, even if it did take just a little bit longer... 

I gave in ...

I bought an Apple MacBook.

Life is so much better now.

For bloggers out there who need more proof - I turn your attention to this bloggers account of switching from a PC based system to an Apple - the posts are in a three part series, and if you are considering the switch - I recommend you read them all.

As a bonus, when I bought my Mac from the University Bookstore, I got a fancy new iPod touch - which only took my wife three days to fall in love with, so I bought another one for her too (only hers is pink).  

I kind of like this habit of buying early birthday presents!

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