Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Life in the Orchestra Pit

Once again, one of my favourite bloggers, Jason Heath, has posted a funny true-life story about his life in the trenches as a freelance double-bassist.

The story has all the potential of disaster:
  • A "mobster look-alike" conductor who can't speak English
  • A translator who knows nothing about music
  • An orchestra made up of all freelance players, who don't normally play together
  • The panic of wondering if the conductor is in TWO or FOUR.
  • All this happening in the orchestra pit, while on stage, there is a ballet trying to happen.
Hilarity ensues.

Do read the full post here.


Anonymous said...

Most, most wonderful!!

Jason Heath said...

Thanks so much for mentioning this post, John! I'm never sure if I'm simply more aware of gig meltdowns since I started blogging or if I'm a curse on any group I perform with, but I seem to find myself in a lot of humorous gig situations.

Great blog, BTW--I just added it to my blogrolls on and