Friday, March 7, 2008

It's Friday - ALL DAY

Today, Tomorrow, and for the most part Sunday as well, I have no commitments outside of my regular tasks. In fact, Tomorrow (Saturday), I have NOTHING at all on my calendar. This all changes on Monday, and it doesn't let up until the Wednesday after Easter. All of it is going to be wonderful, but busy.

In light of it being Friday, I thought I would just share some interesting links:

The BBC is now accepting applications for Choir Wars (sigh)

Kenneth Woods continues his interview with composer Gordon Downie in a great post about comparing the comfortability of viewing mordern art, as opposed to listening to modern music.

Congratulations to Alex Ross, as his book "The Rest is Noise" receives a National Book Critics Circle Award for Criticism. It's a book we must all have on our resource shelf.

And not music related - but environment related, which is one of my social causes.

An article on on the expected effects of global warming (which are already apparent) on the future of Canada. I especially love the positive spin on the article at the end - that Canada could become one of the leading wine makers in the world thanks to the expected heat in BC and Niagara county. Well, we may not have drinking water in the future - but at least we'll be too drunk to care.

Also on, my home town of Ottawa is only a few feet away from breaking the record single season snow fall record set in 1971 (which was 444.1 cm, or 12 feet) They are expected to get nearly 30 cm, or close to foot of snow this weekend, bringing them within 65 cm of the record, and there is plenty more snow in the forecast.

The federal New Democratic Party, which is one of the left leaning opposition parties, not the official opposition, but a strong voice in parliament, is going to attempt to bring the minority conservative government down with a climate bill today. (The official opposition is not in a good position to start campaigning for a federal election right now, so they will allow the Conservatives' bill to pass) .

And completely unrelated - and of mild international interest.

We'll find out today if O.J. is a free man ... again.

Happy weekend to you all!

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