Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Holiday Post-Mortem

As the sun begins to rise on the second day of 2008 (I have to admit, I didn't see much of the sun on the first day of 2008) I thought I'd speak about a few of the wonderful things that have happened to me over the holidays.

It was the first year that I've had to do the Christmas services without an assistant organist, and for the most part it went very well. I have to say, I love playing hymnody and liturgy at the church, especially around Christmas. There is something about being able to let loose on a reharmonization of a well known carol. The choir at the Midnight service on Christmas Eve was in fine voice, and pretty much rocked. My wonderful wife helped out at the more quiet services on Christmas Day, and the Sunday between Christmas and New Years by singing a couple of solos, much to the delight of the congregation. I have received word that the funds are now available for me to hire another assistant, so this is a relief, and a happy New Years present for me.

Speaking of New Years - the annual New Years Eve concert was great fun, and with such great people. A huge house of very appreciative and slightly tipsy people made it all the more enjoyable. We serve champagne at intermission - perhaps that's cheating as everyone always says how great the second half of the concert was. Following the concert, my wife and I hosted about thirty people for the New Years Eve party, which went until nearly 4 AM. We didn't do much yesterday, and about half way through the day my wife developed a nasty flu, which we are still nursing this morning. Hopefully it will disappear soon. All in all though, a great couple of weeks.

Best presents of the season:
  1. The NHL jersey of our local team
  2. Alex Ross' Book "The Art of Noise"
  3. great evenings with Friends and Family
  4. lots of wonderful food and wine
  5. quiet time with my wife and our cats
Reality will hit next week as my one term break from teaching ends on Monday afternoon, and early New Year concert preparations begin for two of the choirs I'm involved with. Church choir also resumes tomorrow night.

Best wishes to all for a prosperous 2008

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