Tuesday, December 11, 2007

One more reason to add Nintendo Wii to your Christmas wish List

About two years ago my wife and I decided after visiting a friends house and playing their game cube, that we needed a video game system. We did about 4 minutes of research and decided that the XBox was what we needed. About 40 seconds later, the people at Microsoft came out with the XBox 360 making our system obsolete overnight, and the really creative types over at Nintendo came out with the Wii. I had a chance to play with a friend's Wii (did I really just type that?) last Spring, and it was a pretty darn good time I have to say.

WELL, pay attention classical music wannabees, or aspiring conductors! Wii will release Wii Music sometime in 2008, in which you can play various instruments with your Wii controller, and even conduct some of the worlds finest orchestras! Ok, maybe not the finest - actually it's all animated, and electronically produced. Not sure it will be a good practice tool, but I see endless hours of fun!

I wonder where I can trade in a first generation XBox for a Wii?