Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Busy week off to a "won't start"

How nice is it to wake up on Monday morning and say "OK, here we go - two dress rehearsal, and three concerts, on top of the usual rehearsals through the week, then by Sunday night, ALL my Christmas concert are essentially OVER.

The weather right now in the thriving northern metropolis is, in a word, COLD. How cold you ask? Right now, 10:38 am, with the wind chill it feels like -25 celcius (-13 in Fahrenheit, 248 above absolute zero Kelvin ... you get the idea - it's cold) Oh, and it's snowing, not heavily, but off and on since Sunday night. My wife and I left our house at around 5:30 in order to make it to rehearsal #1 of the evening, complete in full concert dress for a photo shoot at the start of rehearsal #2 (at least they were in the same building). At around 10:00, when all rehearsals were over, the temperature had dropped to something just below "I can't feel my toes" but above "I can still walk, talk and think". I was happy I had found parking spot close to the back stage door - and my car, ever reliable through the last five winters, was covered in a film of fresh snow, but at least looked eager to go. I started it, took out the snow brush to wipe it down, it sputtered, and stopped. "Not good" I thought.
I waited... restarted .. sputter .. stopped.
I waited... restarted .. REVVVVED .. sputtered ... stopped.
I waited... restarted .. nothing, eventually battery failure.

Not the start, or "no start" of the week I wanted. Luckily my wife's emergency road plan sent a crew out (far sooner than the four hour estimate). He also could not start the car, and a tow truck has taken my dead car to my garage. I just hope I'm not without it for too long - as much of my music is still in the back seat (oops).

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