Monday, November 26, 2007

Beers to you!

I think every day should be "St. Arnold's" day.

St. Arnold is the patron saint of breweries after all. One of the many delights of the church I work at, is that we annually celebrate St. Arnold's day - never actually ON his day, which I believe is the 8th of July. It involves an evening of beer tasting, along with a historical account of St. Arnold, and a description of the beers of choice for the evening, all researched by my most wonderful wife. I wouldn't say that her knowledge and love of Beer attracted me to her in the first place - but it sure doesn't hurt!

This year we celebrated the beers of England and Scotland. Where my wife and I visited this past Summer on tour with my chamber choir. London Porter was the heavy handed favourite of the night, and it even came with a recipe for a stew, to which the first instruction is to "open the bottle and pour yourself a half-pint" for your enjoyment while you prepare the stew. All good recipe's begin this way - or should begin this way. If not beer, then red wine will do nicely.


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Crimson Rambler said...

It was a great evening with good beer and good food and lots of good talk!